Hope And Transformation – Ed. Timir Basu, Anirban Biswas


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The name Frontier will not be familiar to young people of the current generation, but those who grew up in the 1960s and ’70s would have certainly heard of the publication and its founder-editor, Samar Sen. Rarely is a periodical’s standing so intricately connected with the fame of its editor. After Samar Sen’s death some well-wishers of Frontier made concerted efforts to keep the memory of Samar Sen alive. The periodical first published on 14 April 1968 has now completed its 50th year and is still being published regularly though its readership must have shrunk considerably when compared to what it was thirty or forty years ago. This volume is an act of looking back – a retrospect with a collection of sixteen articles. The articles have been selected from past issues over the last two decades.


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