Hired : The Art of Finding and Recruiting Talent – Parul Sharma


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Are you a hiring professional searching for a perfect candidate? Are you a candidate looking to get hired? This book is your answer to these queries. Hiring and getting hired can be challenging in today’s job market. Hired simplifies this and shares insights, tools and tips through everyday examples that help professionals not only understand but excel in the recruitment process. Written in a conversational and simple tone, this book is a must-read for anyone involved in the hiring process. A quick checklist at the end of this book will help you assess your learnings through this journey. Read this book: • To excel as a Recruiter or get recruited; • If you are a job seeker, Hiring Manager, or any professional looking to learn recruitment in this AI world; • To learn how to build connections and engagement in this virtual era; • To understand more about personal branding, recruitment marketing and candidate experience.


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