Happy Families: How to Protect and Support Your Child’s Mental Health – Dr Beth Mosley


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Help your child break free from mental health worries and set them on the path to thriving with this practical, judgement-free handbook from clinical psychologist Dr Beth Mosley MBE.

Our children are growing up faster than ever, facing new challenges on top of the familiar trials of childhood and adolescence. Mental health struggles are increasingly common, leaving many parents at a loss for how best to help their child avoid these issues or to prevent existing problems from getting worse.

Dr Beth Mosley is a clinical psychologist whose services to children’s mental health during the pandemic earned her an MBE on The New Year Honours List 2022. Happy Families is her answer to the questions she has heard time and time again during her years of working with young people and their families. What causes anxiety and how can I control it? How should you broach difficult conversations with your child around subjects such as low mood or even self-harm? How can we support each other and communicate better?

Full of practical exercises and realistic advice based not only on Dr Beth’s experience as a clinical psychologist, but also of raising her own three children, Happy Families is the book every parent needs to ensure their young people can grow and thrive.


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