Folklore Of Andhra Pradesh – B Rama Raju (40% Discount)


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ANDHRA PRADESH, one of the most important Indian States, has a sizeable tribal population -such as, among others, the chenchus, the Yandadis, the Koyas, the Savaras and The Khonds -who worship a number of nature gods and goddesses. Their rituals, often characterized by songs and dances, have markedly aesthetic undertones. The Area has also been for centuries a meeting ground for several religions and communities and almost each has significantly contributed to the rich folklore of the land. While such folk arts from Andhra as Muggu and Kalamkari, the dance form called the Kuchipudi, and puppets from Chittoor district are somewhat familiar, vast areas relating to the vivid folk traditions of the region still remain little known. The present book, written for the general reader, is a comprehensive survey of that heritage.


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