Finding Your Balance : Your 360-degree Guide to Perimenopause and Beyond – Shonali Sabherwal, Dr Nozer Sheriar


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Urban myth has long made the menopause appear a scary endpoint in a woman’s life. This book debunks this misconception to reveal the menopause to be as much a journey-defined by the years leading up to and after it, known as the perimenopause-as an event.

What role do hormones play in the menopause? Do they work in isolation or are there external factors, such as your environment, your food and your mental state, that affect them? Can your concerns and symptoms only be medically addressed, or do you have a role to play?

In Finding Your Balance, gynaecologist Dr Nozer Sheriar and macrobiotic nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal combine their expertise into an empowering manual on navigating the (peri)menopause. Mixing personal journeys with professional knowledge, this book distils medical jargon into bite-sized, accessible knowledge that will enable women to make informed decisions on their health. Moreover, it guides the reader on to a holistic path that addresses how emotional states and lifestyles can influence the perimenopause.

Packed with information, Finding Your Balance is the best friend every woman needs.


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