Find Your Purpose : Build a better life and career – Kevan Hall


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Do you ever feel your life and career is out of balance, or that there must be more to it all than this?

If you want to take control, this book will help you systematically design the next stage of your life and career to maximise your own happiness and fulfilment.


· help you clarify your values, strengths and purpose and understand what brings meaning for you personally
· introduce principles and techniques for actively designing happiness and fulfilment
· show you how to apply these principles in your work, relationships, leisure and learning
· introduce systematic planning tools into all areas of your life – even those areas you might not expect
By the end of the book you will have created a practical action plan for redesigning the next stage of your life and career, whether that be a sidestep, a side hustle or a complete step change.

Based on workshops and research from a highly experienced training team, these proven tools will enable you to identify the unique portfolio of activities that is likely to make you most happy and fulfilled.

The days of a linear career progression are gone. Shape your life and work to suit the true you and enjoy your personal breakthrough.


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