Everything Sucks – Andaleeb Wajid


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Kashish Asif, a popular Instagrammer, navigates life at 18, accompanied by her widowed father, and occasionally present older sister. As her witty reels earn her a large following, she falls into an online battle with Sameer, an aspiring cook and budding Instagrammer. But their playful conflict soon gets blown out of proportion through an error of judgement.

Then, unexpectedly, they meet in real life. And even more unexpectedly, sparks fly between them. When reality creeps in, and an unfortunate incident forces them to unplug from their phones, they will need to figure out how to deal with life and relationships away from the screens.

Is it possible to find a real friend (or someone more than a friend) in a world where reactions are staged, people pretend to date each other for the likes, and the only constant is that everything really, really sucks?

From the bestselling author of Asmara’s Summer, filmed as the popular web series Dil Dosti Dilemma, comes a pitch-perfect teenage drama about friendship, family, and finding love in unexpected places.


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