Ellie Pillai Is (Almost) In Love – Christine Pillainayagam


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Note to what is falling in love, and am I really sure I want to do it?

Ever since Ellie and Ash Anderson got together, Ellie Pillai has been discovering love, and kissing and doubting yourself, and questions.so.many.questions. Like, what happens when your boyfriend (boy that is more than just a friend) hand is half way down your back, fumbling at the place where a bra hook should exist, but instead there’s a neon pink band that reads ‘HELLO KITTY’ because your dad shrunk all your bras in a 90° hot wash, when your dad never does your washing – ever.

When Ellie goes to visit Granny in New York, she has to say goodbye to best friends Hayley and Jess, and hello to her annoying cousin Hope (walking model for argan oil), not to mention cryptic text messages from Ash and a meet-cute with a Dirty Blond stranger, who might just be less of a stranger than a boy from school who wants her to join his band…

Suddenly Ellie Pillai is back in the spotlight, and everything feels a bit more complicated when you’re falling in love or possibly falling flat on your face. And what happens if you’re not actually sure who you should be falling in love, with?


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