Effortless : Make it Easier to do What Matters Most – Greg McKeown

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Do you ever feel like things are so much harder than they used to be?
Do you know something is important yet struggle to get it done?
Are you running faster but not moving closer to your goals?
Do you want to make a higher contribution but lack the energy?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the path to success is paved with relentless work. That if we want to overachieve, we have to overexert, overthink, and overdo. That if we aren’t perpetually exhausted, we’re not doing enough.

Getting ahead doesn’t have to be hard as we make it. There is a better way: the effortless way.

Effortless reveals how you can make the most essential activities the easiest ones. Filled with actionable advice, from how to turn tedious tasks into enjoyable rituals, to learning how to set a sustainable pace and remove unnecessary steps from your process, Effortless will show you how to achieve the results you want without burning out.


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