Earth’s Aquarium: Discover 15 Real-life Water Worlds – Alexander C. Kaufman


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A beautiful, oversize nonfiction book about aquatic life, filled with facts and presented in vibrant full-color illustrations. Discover the wonder of 15 real-life aquatic habitats all around the world, from mysterious deep water vents to majestic coral reefs, teeming with life. Award winning environmental writer Alexander C. Kaufman takes us on a tour of rain forest waterways, oyster reefs, sea grass meadows, and more, then introduces the incredible species that live there, each specially adapted to their unique ecosystems. The following habitats are featured in this book . Channel Islands National Park, United States ;Kelp Forests Chesapeake Bay, United States ;Oyster Reefs Gulf of Saint Lawrence River, Canada Estuaries Amazon River, South America  Fast-moving Freshwater, North Pacific Ocean ; Open Water Wadden Sea, Northern Europe ;Mudflats Phang Nga Bay, Thailand;Mangrove Forests Wadi el Gemal, Egypt; Seagrass Meadows Great Barrier Reef, Australia ;Coral Reefs Southern Ocean; Sea Ice Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, Netherlands ; Salt Marshes Lake Baikal, Russia ;Slow-moving Freshwater; Norfolk Broads, United Kingdom ; Wetlands Gal ;pagos Rift, Ecuador ; Vents and Seeps Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy


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