Doctors Don’t Know Everything: A Roadmap to Better Healthcare Outcomes – Dr Lingaraj Nath


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Could love and companionship prevent heart failure? What is the best way to navigate through today’s complex medical systems and achieve a successful clinical outcome? Is Google search for health problems safe and useful?

Doctors Don’t Know Everything explores such universal and relatable aspects of healthcare with an aim to make holistic living easier and achievable. The strength of the book lies in realising and showcasing the fact that today, more than ever, we have as much role to play as medical specialists when it comes to living a healthy and wholesome life.

The author of the book, Dr Lingaraj Nath, provides an insider’s perspective as well as insightful revelations that will completely transform the way you view health. He also shares effective and efficient ways to forestall clinical mistakes, tackle several common medical issues, and help other people too without looking for a specialist consultation.

All in all, Doctors Don’t Know Everything offers a refreshing approach to cultivate and nurture the biggest assets of your life―health and wellness.


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