Daiva : Discovering the Extraordinary World of Spirit Worship – K. Hari Kumar


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The famous Kola performances of Tulu Nadu involve dancers who invite powerful, sacred spirits to possess them. Through the performers, and surrounded by vibrant colours and striking visuals, these spirits – known as Daiva – may settle disputes, provide guidance, grant blessings and pass judgement.

However, there is so much more to it than art and devotion. From Panjurli, the benevolent boar spirit to Bobbarya, guardian of the sea, this book explores it all: the kinds of Daiva, their stories, their individual natures and the ways in which they come to inhabit the devout.

In Daiva, bestselling author K Hari Kumar, brings you stories of powerful immortals along with details of their worship through mystifying rituals – all of which are known to leave onlookers awe-struck.


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