Copper Mountain – Thubten Samphel


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A mega mining corporation plans to excavate the foremost holy mountain on the Roof of the World. Though backed by the full apparatus of the colonial power, the miners and their state-of-the-art equipment are outfaced by a small group of multi-cultural meditators armed with nothing but ancient wisdom and courage. How does this battle involving murder, intrigue, denouncement, co-option and spiritual endurance end? Copper Mountain deals with devastating environmental issues now facing the world and the crucial politics surrounding reincarnation. Centered on Mt. Kailash, a sacred location for Buddhists, Hindus and Jains, Thubten Samphel’s novel is a sharp meditation on a culture that nurtured its environment and resisted assaults by a resource-hungry authoritarian state. This is as contemporary and topical as any book produced in English by any Tibetan author today.


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