Cobra In My Kitchen and Other Adventures With Wildlife – Zai Whitaker


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Wildlife sure sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Explore the wild with Zai Whitaker, an eager adventurer raised among India’s pioneering conservation heroes! Together with Romulus Whitaker, the ‘Snake Man of India’, Zai developed the Madras Crocodile Bank, to research and conserve crocodiles and other ‘herps’.

From living with cobras as to hatching sea turtles and from watching birds to stalking termites, Zai has a long and thrilling trail of escapades. Her stories, poems and real-life accounts take you from Chennai to the Western Ghats, from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to Papua New Guinea, and beyond into her wildly wonderful imagination!

Beautifully illustrated, Cobra in my Kitchen and Other Adventures with Wildlife introduces you to the fascinating side of wriggly snakes, jumpy frogs, lively lizards, colourful chameleons and even a tiger or two, along with many more unmissable adventures!


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