Boy, Unloved – Damodar Mauzo, Tr. jerry Pinto


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In a sleepy village in Goa, a child grows up in a house whose windows are never opened. The door is often locked as well, and no visitors ever come by to meet the family. Vipin Parob has a strange and solitary childhood, dominated by his overbearing and cruel father. In this home, Vipin grows up friendless, till he begins to read voraciously. Now Vipin knows more about the world—its mysteries and cruelties, its wonder and beauty. What he doesn’t get to know, is love.

Vipin steps into high school and becomes a reluctant friend to two girls— Chitra and Fatima. Chitra sees the laughter hidden deep within him. Fatima brings chaos and joy with her, and into Vipin’s life. And slowly he finds he has an identity separate from his cold and unloving family. But can he ever overcome the loneliness that has seeped into him? When the time comes, will he know how to give and receive love?

From the acclaimed Jnanpith Award-winning novelist, comes a work of unflinching honesty and startling truths. Filled with unforgettable characters written from a depth of understanding, this translation by Jerry Pinto throbs with life in all its bewildering glory.


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