Blood Brothers – Chandani Santosh


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Blood Brothers’ tells the pulsating story of two young men as they grow up in the decades of political revenge killings of Malabar. While Biju Kallat has a past history of violence, Sunil, his neighbour and bosom pal, is mild and family oriented. Sunil’s sister hero worships Biju for his daredevil nature. Biju’s life takes a sharp turn after he saves the local right-wing politician’s beautiful daughter from drowning. The friends are sucked into the blood feud of politics of the region. When one of them crosses over to the enemy ranks of the communist party, the friendship takes on the different colours of revenge politics that is the hallmark of Malabar. As Biju delves fearlessly into the killer politics, Sunil treads the straight and narrow path of routine. The novel captures the throbbing lives of the two. As all relationships somersault around them, can Biju Kallat and Sunil Neroth keep their friendship alive?


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