Beyond The Himalayas – Goutam Ghose & Michael Haggiag


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Filmmaker goutam Ghose was part of the central Asian expedition organised by major H.Br.S Ahluwalia in 1994, The first of its kind. They undertook an arduous 14, 000 km journey through central Asia, China and Tibet tracing the ancient trade route. Ghose captured this once-in-a-lifetime adventure as a five-part series in his film beyond the Himalayas (1996). This film book is a pictorial chronicle of ghosts incredible experience on the silk route. Much of the text is the narration of the original soundtrack of the series which has been adapted for the benefit of book readers. His lens captures breath-taking visuals of a less travelled road. The tapestry of history, travel anecdotes, local legends and Titanic characters lend a cinematic quality to the whole narrative. The fabled past and the present are intercut by cinematic jumps in this fascinating record of an enduring memory in the collective consciousness of the history of mankind.


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