Bee-Come Indispensable – John Britt & Jan Green


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In a beehive, producing the optimal amount of honey requires each of the bees to be in sync with the needs of the colony. This precept is also true in our work lives. When you are in alignment with the needs of your organization, the honey flows and you are on your way to bee-coming indispensable. Don’t you want to be that employee that the boss gives a subtle nod to when the deadline is met, the sale is made, the quota is surpassed or the project is successful? And who wants to be that manager that both the employees and the leadership of the organization know they can count on? And should lean times come again and a team in your organization is sitting around the table deciding what resources they cannot afford to lose, who wants to do everything they can to be on that list?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Bee-come Indispensable is for you. This parable of the bees is a fun way to highlight the challenges of organizations and culminates in very specific and practical guid


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