Batata, Pao And All Things Portuguese – Vaishali Shroff


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The Portuguese had no idea they would stay in India for over four centuries after arriving at India’s west coast on 20 May 1498. But what exactly happened during that time?

Watch places, monuments, ruins, and random objects come to life as you read this book. A caravel recounts Vasco da Gama’s first trip from Lisbon to India. A hidden temple shares how Da Gama met the Zamorin of Calicut. A printing press reminisces how the Portuguese made Goa its headquarters. A cannon describes everything from bloody battles to pristine beaches. A memorial narrates the story of how the Portuguese left India.

But wait! What do batata and pav have to do with their history? What can one see in this bird’s eye view of Estado da India?

Experience and understand history from very different perspectives only to form your own. Join us on this exciting and grand voyage from Portugal to India.


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