Bastar (Hindi) – Aabha Rupendra Pal & Ishwar Nath Khute


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Bastar is an important division of Chhattisgarh and is well-known due to its cultural, anthropological, archaeological and geographical features: forests, mineral deposits, rivers, waterfalls and the tribes occupying the region.

The book covers the political, social and cultural history of Bastar comprehensively.
Chapter 1 discusses the geographical details like area, boundaries, climatic and agricultural conditions, forests, minerals, etc. It also includes a general description of the main tribes of Bastar.

Chapter 2 relates the ancient history of  Bastar  detailing the history of Nal, Gang, Chhindak and Kakatiya danasties.

Chapter 3 outlines the political history of Bastar from 1800  to 1947.

Chapter 4 provides the history of the Mutiny of Bastar from 1774 to 1947 discussing the struggles of Bhopalpattnam and revolts of Halba,  Paralkot, Tarapur, Meriya, Koi, Muriya and Bhumkaal. Later in the chapter,  the efforts and struggle carried on for the freedom of the country are also described.

Chapter 5 includes the administrative aspects of Bastar during the period  1854 to 1947 .

Chapter 6 is on the socio-economic conditions and the religion and beliefs of Adivasi tribes of Bastar.

Chapter 7 describes the visits of various British officials and travellers. Also included in the chapters are the memorable martyrdom of Ajmer Singh, Gaind Singh, Dhruva Raav, Babu Raav, Yado Raav, Venket Raav, Nagul Dorla, Lal Kalendra Singh, Swarna Kunwar Devi and Gundadhur.

Chapters 8 and 9 include descriptions of  Bastar’s major historical and archaeological monuments and places of natural and cultural interests which attract tourists even today.

Chapter 10 describes the current issues in the Bastar region (with reference to Naxalites and Salwa Judum).

Chapter 11 provides information on the Bastar division with the help of 7 maps.


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