Are You Thinking Clearly? – Miriam Frankel & Matt Warren


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Do emotions really cloud your thinking? Are habits holding you back? Is AI manipulating your mind? Does IQ help you think better?

Every one of our thoughts, actions, moods and decisions is shaped by a whole array of factors, most of which we don’t pay any attention to. From culture, time and language to genetics, technology and the microorganisms living inside us – even our own unconscious routines and habits – it’s clear that we aren’t always in the driving seat.

The good news is that by better understanding the external and internal forces at work, we can minimize their impact on our lives. Drawing on rigorous interdisciplinary research, leading science journalists Miriam Frankel and Matt Warren bring us extraordinary stories and studies that open our eyes to the inner workings of the mind, challenge our thought processes and improve our decision-making. Most of all, Are You Thinking Clearly? is a rallying cry to know yourself, think broadly, think boldly – and to listen.


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