Another India :Events, Memories, People – Chandan Gowda


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During his entire career, Sir M Visversvaraya carried two pens on him, one of which belonged to the government and the other to him. He always used the former pen for office work and the latter for personal work.

After possessing a devotee, a deity called Doddaswamy would start whistling with his fingers in his mouth. His devotees are to address him only through whistles. Another deity from Gulbarga district, Gajalakshmi, expected her devotees to bare all their teeth in her presence.

Free ranging, delightful and erudite, Another India opens up the varied dimensions of the past, discloses the subtle facets of religious cosmologies, reveals the plurality within Hinduism and suggests ways of reengaging tradition. It shares exciting stories about lesser-known and well-known figures in our country, from Bhimavva and Mastani Maa to Gandhi and Tagore.

This book brings to you the many events, thoughts and people that have been waylaid in our frequent quests for single, mainstream narratives. It brings to you the intricate cultural universe of India, where creative dissent has shaped the ethos, where rich visions and values of living together continue to hold sway in our constant striving to be a better, more just polity and society.


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