Anima And The Narrative Limits – Nabina Das


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In this stunning new collection, Nabina Das takes on the most human of our qualities, our yearning for story, and escorts us through poems that are also lyrical micro-narratives: from the very local-the flavors, colors and tastes of the market; the damp of an earthen floor; the fugitive beauty and ugliness of plastic litter-to the more abstract: earth, water, blood, losses, absences, breath, song, and silence. Anima is our first and best guide: a powerful, fearless entity who will take on any topic, including violent death, abiding love, pandemic loss. Das carries us, as she says in the double-meaning title of the second section of this work, to the narrative limits (and to the limits of narrative), consoling us in the final poem with her fugitive optimism: the image of hands catching light itself where fireflies make moving poetry of the night.


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