Acts Of Friendship – Lynne Everatt, Deb Mangolt & Julie Smethurst


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Acts of Friendship presents 47 activities for you and your friends to connect with each other and help one another change your lives in ways you never expected because…

  • You need a friend to tell you that you’re exceptional or to applaud you when you explore a hidden talent;

  • Only a friend can remind you to slow down or nudge you to expand your concept of who you are;

  • Meaningful, fun Acts of Friendship such as Take Your Cue (where you connect the dots to a better life…see Acts of Friendship excerpt below), A Friendly Q&A (where you learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about each other), Let’s Go Retro (where you time travel with your friends) and more, will energize, inspire, and rejuvenate you so that, together, you grow.


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