A Vikram Aditya Story: Lakshadweep Adventure – Deepak Dalal


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Far out in the Arabian Sea, where the waters plunge many thousands of metres to the ocean floor, lies a chain of bewitching coral atolls-the Lakshadweep Islands. Vikram and Aditya dive into lagoons with crystal-clear water and reefs that are deep and shrouded in mystery. But when they stumble upon a devious kidnapping plot, their idyllic holiday turns into a desperate struggle for survival.

Forced out into the sea in the eye of a raging storm, they endure a shipwreck, only to be marooned on a remote coral island.

Journey through these breathtaking islands with a tale of scuba diving and sabotage, set in one of India’s most splendid destinations.


About the Author

Deepak Dalal gave up a career as a chemical engineer to write stories for children. He lives currently in Pune with his wife, two daughters and several dogs and cats. He enjoys wildlife, nature and the outdoors. The Sahyadri Hills of Pune are a short journey from his home. When not at his desk writing, he is either trekking their slopes or cycling their valleys.


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