A Star Named Bibha and Other Stories – Anwesha Sengupta, Supurna Banerjee, Simantini Muhopadhyay


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What’s a common thread that connects remarkable women such as Tun Tun, Bibha Chowdhury and Pandita Ramabai?

That they were born, lived and worked between the late-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, when being a woman was a challenging experience, shaped by caste, religion, place of residence, class and occupation. These women dared to go against social conventions and made their mark in traditionally male-dominated spaces and professions, paving the way for the women of today.

A Star Named Bibha and Other Stories is a collection of short biographies of thirty such trailblazing Indian women who have broken the glass ceiling, and done it in style. Read about Durgabai Kamat, Amrit Kaur, Amrita Pritam, Fatima Beevi and many other such inspiring women of India.


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