A Sailor Called Wet Paint – Nandini Nayar


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What can a lady in a thin sari do to survive in COLD England?

How will a ship’s crew RETURN home without any money?

When did the young governess last see her OWN family?

And why, oh why, did the sailor write WET PAINT in a young girl’s diary?

Nannies and sailors taken 4,000 miles away to England to workâ¦it’s the same SORRY tale. Often abandoned, they have to find their own way across the sea, back home to India!

It’s upsetting. It’s shocking. It breaks our hearts.

What are we to DO?

Well, here are stories – a whole SHEAF of them – about ayahs in a foreign land and the Indian crew of lascars on East Indiaman ships, questioning why British citizens don’t treat these people well. Asking to give them the home, the care and the freedom they deserve.

But is ANYONE listening?

Are YOU?


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