A Rustle In The Foliage: Birding In The Eastern Himalaya – Suraj Gurung


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A bird book that breaks new ground – ‘A Rustle in the Foliage’ written by Sikkimese writer Suraj Gurung has paved the way for a completely new genre of nature writing. The one-of-a-kind bird book with a collection of travelogues, anecdotes, essays, and poems along with 84 colour photographs gives a unique perspective on the avian world.

The author, a travel writer and a wildlife photographer takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the verdant oak forests of Neora Valley, the alpine rhododendron groves in western Sikkim, the cold desert of Gurudongmar on the edge of the Tibetan plateau and the warm wetlands of Gajoldoba in Jalpaiguri. The book talks about sustainable birding by bringing the issue of responsible birding and the usage of birdcall playbacks in the field. Through some of his poems, the author also subtly talks about the need for conserving our traditional ways of agriculture and the sowing of endemic food grains of the Eastern Himalayan region that will sustain the avian population and bird tourism.


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