A Green Day – Jeevesh Gupta, Chittranjan Dubey & Anandajit Goswami


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The impassioned essays, noteworthy profiles and first-person narratives in this anthology champion grassroots and global environmental movements that have persuaded policymakers and mobilized communities to take note of the worsening state of the natural order. From the Global South to the Global North, change advocates and those experiencing the thick of the emergency revisit the tipping points in their activism journey, lay out harsh truths about the extent of damage caused and offer scalable solutions to combat the mounting crisis. Outlining their rage, despair, fears and hope for the future, the campaigners underscore that there may be reasons to be optimistic despite the dreary reality we find ourselves in. While calling for collective action, these wide-ranging, inspiring and urgent stories reflect a diverse landscape of climate activism and are enough evidence that a sea change is possible.


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