A Book of Light: When a Loved one has a Different Mind – Jerry Pinto


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‘I would declare with certitude that [this] is perhaps the most important book of the year, chiefly because as a people we hardly ever talk about mental health with the seriousness it deserves.’—Devapriya Roy, scroll.In in 2012, Jerry Pinto published his debut novel, Em and the big Hoom, which drew upon his experience of living with a mother who was bipolar. It touched thousands of readers, among them many who also had a loved one afflicted with a mental illness or infirmity. Some of these readers shared their stories with Jerry, and agreed to share them with the world. A book of light collects these harrowing yet moving, even empowering, stories—about the fragility and immense strength of the human mind; the bleakness and unexpected grace of life; The terror and majesty of love. It has now become a book that many people with psychological challenges, and their friends and family, turn to for insight and solace—and to feel less invisible and alone.


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