20 Pumpkins at Bedtime – Mark Sperring, Tim Budgen


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A spookily sweet count-to-twenty picture book filled with cute and cheeky pumpkins!

One spooky-wooky bat winged, Broom-Ella could not sleep,

so, her cat and frog and owl said that she should count some sheep.

But, sheep don’t shine with magic,

or possess HUGE beaming grins.

So, Broom-Ella put her spell book down and counted . . . BRIGHT PUMPKINS!

What’s the best way to help little ones fall asleep? Introduce them to super sweet pumpkins, of course! And with cute, cheeky and a-little-bit-spooky pumpkins on every page, and a fun story showing children how to count from one to twenty, this book is set to become every child’s new favourite.


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