12 Weeks To A Sharper You : A Guided Program to Keep Sharp For Life – Dr Sanjay Gupta


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Chief CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta helped countless readers keep their brains sharp and effortlessly productive with Keep Sharp. In 12 Weeks to a Sharper You, he now provides a step-by-step 12-week program to help you put his transformational ideas into daily practice. As Dr Gupta writes, ‘Change is a challenge, and changing long-established habits takes effort.’ But this workbook makes it easy to apply Gupta’s groundbreaking tips and research to establish healthy behaviours for life.

The 12-week program will help you feel less anxious, sleep better, improve energy, think more clearly, and become more resilient to daily stress.

Full of tips, quotations, and prompts, 12 Weeks to a Sharper You is the only guide you’ll need to keep your brain young and healthy at any age.


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