Gender And Naxalite Movement – Ed. Pradip Basu


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Indeed, the upheaval was such that nothing remained the same after Naxalbari. People had to readjust their position vis-à-vis every aspect of the system: political, administrative, military, cultural” -Samar Sen

Hence, it is no wonder that various schools of thought gave rise to new understandings of the movement and the social system. This book is a pioneer inter-disciplinary work which probes into the Naxalite movement from the new post-structuralist, postcolonialist and subaltern perspectives. In the research papers incorporated in this book, Naxalite politics has been studied using several new theoretical tools- Lacanian psychoanalysis, Foucauldian bio- power, discourse, genealogy and archaeology, Derridean deconstruction, spectrality, postcolonial anamnesis, politics of taxonomy, sexual subalternity, luminal space, representation, subaltern praxis and others.


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