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Pagdandi Video by Cycling Octopus

Check out this Super Duper awesome Video on Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe by Cycling Octopus as part of their Pune Stories project. We are simply blown away!! Thank you so much to the amazing team behind LMB Productions. Simply no words to describe our feelings and gratitude.


Yourstory Feature

Our founders Neha and Vishal have been featured in Yourstory.

Situated inside an idyllic mall on Pune’s Baner Pashan Link Road is Pagdandi. It is an inviting place with a modest yet charming décor heavily featuring bamboo. The first things you notice on enteringareprobably the book-filled racks that extend till the ceiling, and the aroma of fresh chai being brewed.

What started as a book library-cum-café has now grown into a space that hosts a range of interesting events and activities that foster a sense of community and camaraderie among patrons. Only two years old, Pagdandi has received much praise and many media mentions, the latest it being listed in ‘Lonely Planet’ as a thing to do in Pune. Let’s hear more about Pagdandi from founders, husband-wife duo Neha and Vishal Pipraiya…

Follow the link to read the full article:

Our 1st Anniversary

From what we were then to what we are now. Last 25th August, this journey started. And it has been an incredible one. Wouldn’t have been possible without all. Special thanks to Subhash, Aalam and Shini for being our support system. Deep gratitude and gratefulness to everyone who helped us, supported us, loved us and walked with us on this Pagdandi. Thank you so much.


1st Anniversary Collage

Our 1st Anniversary Collage

Neha’s Voice

    Hello everyone! Today Vishal is super busyyyy so I thought tentenaaaaaa… I would take over 😀 😀

I will start with something super exciting… yup… we kind of stumbled upon this beautiful 70 year old antique piece, superbly beautiful…. A MASTERPIECE… I must say. The poor thing was getting drenched in the rain, almost invisible to everyone, but still retaining its beauty and elegance. And then, ten tenaaaa, we bought it  and decided it to restore it with the help of our awesome carpenter, goyal ji.

DSC00797   DSC01075 DSC01078   DSC01087 

DSC00960  DSC00862   DSC00871   DSC00883   DSC00817  DSC00886 DSC00819  DSC00835   DSC01098


DSC00848   DSC00851DSC01047  DSC01068 

One thing both of us would surely completely, without any arguments (since we argue on almost everything) agree that we got one of the best team of carpenters, electricians, bamboo-crafting and painters. They stand all my crazy ideas, listen them patiently without scrunching their face once although I’m pretty sure if they get a single opportunity they would like to kick our butts and throw us as far as possible from the shop 😛 😀 i swear…


But honestly, I think we will never ever be able to thank them enough for everything. For their hardwork, patience and their capacity to stand me, hipping-hopping in the small space stumbling upon almost vereything, while they are at work. 😀


Love the way Vishal takes over things in his hands. He wanted someone to grease the shutter but when he couldn’t find anybody, he strated on his own.

DSC00947  DSC00933

DSC00902 DSC00899

Colour Me Yellow

Hello World,

We are back with another post. As the shop is nearing completion, the nervous jitters are starting to creep in. Lot of things yet to be finalized, including the logo, furnishings, cutlery and menu. Machine order has been put in and we are awaiting their arrival. Who knew there are so many things to go into setting up a shop.

The previous Yellow was still not enough, so it led to more trial and error!

DSC00526  DSC00537 DSC00544  DSC00564DSC00572  DSC00723 DSC00616


The internet decision is a real bummer. No Airtel or Bsnl service in the complex. That leaves me only two choices. Either Tata or a local Internet Vendor. Yet to make up my mind but I am leaning towards Tata.



Neha has been trying her hand at photography. Here are some of her fabulous attempts capturing the ethos of our shop.

DSC00609  DSC00649 DSC00650  DSC00653 DSC00673  DSC00677 DSC00700  DSC00713


Our False ceiling made up of bamboo and chatai arrived as well. Inspection and Discussions followed. The look is not upto our satisfaction so we are debating the cost of cleaning up the bamboo more.

DSC00710  DSC00720 DSC00724    DSC00726


One thing we agreed with was that our Carpentry crew is the most diligent and dedicated one. They work hard and they work long. Here is Goyalji hard at work.

DSC00743  DSC00727


The decorative Ladder was about to be painted and we took a last minute decision of going Green to contrast the yellow. We got it right in the first attempt! 🙂

DSC00729  DSC00733 DSC00740


We had a small hiccup in the workflow. In retrospect we had installed an exceedingly small sink which might have been very impractical from future use point of view. We grappled with the decision to replace it which meant full replacement of the granite slab. A loss of around 10000/-. Yet, if any corrections were to be done, they had to be done now. So we went through the whole rigmarole of material purchase and labor hassles to get it redone with a bigger sink. The new sink by being deeper brought new plumbing challenges which took a lot of brainstorming and running around to overcome. Finally we got the result we wanted.

Many hours have been spent fighting between us trying to get the front facade right. The carpenters go about their work silently as we argue out the finer points. All credit to Neha for getting the perfect look in the end!

2013-06-17 18.51.49


2013-06-24 20.39.55


All the carpenter furniture is gonna have a real bamboo laminate sheet on them.

2013-07-01 15.41.00


The carpenters have finished their brief and the painter has started work with his astar. Neha is struggling to find her yellow and paint guy is playing catch up 🙂

2013-07-14 14.05.33 2013-07-14 14.09.05 2013-07-14 14.09.09


Our decorative piece, the ladder is ready. This one is gonna go Neha’s yellow as well.

2013-07-05 11.59.48


We also made a visit to Mr.Sapkal who is doing our bamboo shelves work. The shelves are almost ready and he is waiting for our signal to bring them in. They really look great and we can’t wait to stack books up on them.

2013-07-12 13.42.48


Other miscellaneous work in progress.

DSC00500 DSC00509 DSC00510

Work is on

Hello World,

Pagdandi is about to be born.

It was conceived as an idea by me and my wife Neha about a year ago. We wanted a place where we could settle into a cozy nook, masala chai in hand and read our favorite authors whole day long. Pagdandi is an endeavor in that direction. A place you can relax, chill out and interact with new like minded people. A space where the moment you enter, you feel happy. An adda for creative collaborators. We also wish to encourage conscious living

Neha had already quit her corporate media job and I did so early this year to start this adventure. That is how Pagdandi came to be. An alternate ‘kaccha’ trail. The road less traveled. Something like our lives.

We will reveal more details as days pass. Suffice to say the work is on full swing. Here is a sneak peak at behind the scenes construction.

DSC00402 DSC00398 DSC00392 DSC00381 DSC00361 DSC00357

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