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Pagdandi Video by Cycling Octopus

Pagdandi Video by Cycling Octopus

Check out this Super Duper awesome Video on Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe by Cycling Octopus as part of their Pune Stories project. We are simply blown away!! Thank you so much to the amazing team behind LMB Productions. Simply no words to describe our […]

Yourstory Feature

Our founders Neha and Vishal have been featured in Yourstory. Situated inside an idyllic mall on Pune’s Baner Pashan Link Road is Pagdandi. It is an inviting place with a modest yet charming décor heavily featuring bamboo. The first things you notice on enteringareprobably the […]

Our 1st Anniversary

From what we were then to what we are now. Last 25th August, this journey started. And it has been an incredible one. Wouldn’t have been possible without all. Special thanks to Subhash, Aalam and Shini for being our support system. Deep gratitude and gratefulness to […]

Neha’s Voice

    Hello everyone! Today Vishal is super busyyyy so I thought tentenaaaaaa… I would take over 😀 😀 I will start with something super exciting… yup… we kind of stumbled upon this beautiful 70 year old antique piece, superbly beautiful…. A MASTERPIECE… I must say. The […]

Colour Me Yellow

Hello World, We are back with another post. As the shop is nearing completion, the nervous jitters are starting to creep in. Lot of things yet to be finalized, including the logo, furnishings, cutlery and menu. Machine order has been put in and we are […]